THE MAD FILES – contributor list

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Introduction by David Mikics 

Mary Fleener | Growing Up MAD 

Ivan Cohen | The Golden Age Is Twelve Dept. 

Geoffrey O’Brien | Stark Raving MAD 

Roz Chast | A MAD Childhood 

Tim Kreider | The World According to MAD 

Art Spiegelman | MAD Love 

Grady Hendrix | Cahiers of CinéMAD 

R. Crumb | MAD and Me 

Frank Jacobs | A Preface to Gaines 

Liel Leibovitz | High Holy MAD 

Peter Kuper | Corpse on the Imjin 

MaryLou Weisman | Reverse Immigrant 

Leah Garrett | Jaffee in Yiddish 

Michael Benson | MADness in Anatolia 

R. Sikoryak| What a Load of Craft! 

Daniel Bronstein | Brueghel of the Bronx 

Nathan Abrams | MAD’s Jewish America 

David Hajdu | With a Little Bit of Ecch: 

MAD and the Movie Musical 

Clifford Thompson | MAD and the Insurrectionists 

Bonnie Altucher | Spy vs Spy vs Prohías 

Sarah Boxer | Mind the Gap 

Adam Gopnik | MAD, the ’50s, and the ’60s: 

A (Slightly) Dissident View 

Rachel Shteir | The “Obscure and Awesome” 

Women Cartoonists of MAD 

Chris Ware | To Antarctica and Back 

Jonathan Lethem & Mark Allen | A MAD FoldIn